Ydp30Ste Semi Trash 


The newly released YDP series from Yanmar includes Fresh Water, Semi-trash, Trash and Diaphragm pumps ranging in size from 2-4". Their Light-weight and compact design are ideally suited for the Private and Rental sectors with options including long range fuel tanks and trolley kits. Easy maintenance is achieved utilising 4 bolts securing the housing on the Fresh water pump to allow access to the casing. The removal of 2 grip bolts will reveal the additional lining found on the Trash pump capable of withstanding water with Ø 20mm-30mm gravel.


Coupled with a fuel efficient direct injected air cooled Yanmar diesel engine the YDP series can be operated up to 1.5-4 times longer than a gasoline equivalent, making it the ideal solution for continuous pumping through the night.

The latest YDP brochure can be found HERE