Diesels Plus have a fully equipped workshop with trained engineers to service any of the Hatz diesel engine range, from the 1B20 series on a Jumping Jack to a 4L41C on a Powerpack used in Zone II application.

We have dyno facilities for the Multi series of engines, load testing facilities for testing all of the Hatz generator sizes, and special tools for the refurbish or rebuilding of any of the Hatz range of engines.

Diesels Plus carry an extensive range of exchange parts for the Hatz engines starting from exchange engines for 1D81 compactor engines to oversize barrels for multi engines, exchange cylinder heads for all series, exchange belt tensioners, exchange crankshafts and injectors. We normally carry in stock exchange multi 2-cyl, 3-cyl, and 4-cyl engines for our customers, with adaptors and mounts to suit most applications.

Diesels Plus also manufacture generator sets to suit specialist applications as well as Pump sets and Powerpacs in our premises. So from the rebuilding of a Hatz engine to the welding/manufacturing of a fuel tank base for a Powerpac, to the load testing and certification of a generator set for 8 hours, Diesels Plus are well placed to help you with your Hatz diesel engine.